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Changes to 6CPA medication adherence and medication management programs

There are new data collection and reporting requirements for Sixth Community Pharmacy Agreement (6CPA) funded Dose Administration Aid (DAA), Staged Supply, MedsCheck, Diabetes MedsCheck and Home Medicines Review (HMR) services.

Pharmacists providing these services will need to record patient data at the time of the initial service and at a six-month follow up consultation, to demonstrate the important impact of these services on patient health outcomes. Data collection for Staged Supply began on 1 July 2017; data collection for other programs will begin from 1 February 2018.

PSA is supporting pharmacists to implement these program changes with revised program-specific Guidelines, as well as practice support and education tools. See below.

PSA gratefully acknowledges the Australian Government Department of Health for providing funding for these resources as part of the PBS Access and Sustainability Package including the Sixth Community Pharmacy Agreement.

If you have any queries related to 6CPA professional programs, Health Care Homes or Pains MedsCheck, please email

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