Pharmaceutical Society of Australia
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Pharmacy history

The late Geoff Miller (1937-2014) edited Pharmacy History Australia from 1997 until 2009, and also published A look back at the past and a vision for the future: A scandalously short introduction to the history of pharmacy.


The Australian Academy of the History of Pharmacy was established in 1996. Its aims are:

  • Pharmacy history cover

    To establish a national preservation organisation for pharmacy historical records, artefacts and ephemera

  • To collect and receive donations, bequests and sponsorships to establish a National Pharmacy Museum, as well as for the pursuit of the objectives of the academy
  • To promote research and scholarship in the field of pharmacy history, and to facilitate conferences and meetings for the preservation of original historical works.
  • To encourage and support the teaching of pharmacy history, philosophy and ethics to pharmacy undergraduates.
  • To affiliate with other learned societies with similar objectives, to promote the wider understanding and recognition of pharmacy history, and to actively participate in the International Society of Pharmacy History.
  • To support and encourage all organisations connected with the practice of Pharmacy, to record and document their own history.
  • To disseminate the knowledge of pharmacy history to all pharmacists and practitioners through national publications as well as through localised activities.

Membership is open to all.

Pharmacy History Australia, the Academy’s Journal, ceased publication after issue No 37, November 2009.

Affiliated Societies

  • Residential members of the Australian Academy are also members of the International Society for the History of Pharmacy.  The International Society publishes a newsletter is once a year, and holds conferences every two years.  Its website is
  • The British Society for the History of Pharmacy –
  • The American Institute of the History of Pharmacy –
  • The French Society for the History of Pharmacy –

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