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Pharmacy House – Building the future of pharmacy

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Pharmacy House – PSA’s national office in Canberra – was built in 1984 thanks to the generosity of PSA members, who raised about $250,000 towards its construction.  The old building has now been removed and a new one will be constructed to adequately cater for the needs of our organisation as the profession grows and PSA’s influence in the health sector expands.

A new Pharmacy House will be built on the site of the old one – a symbol of your PSA and its place as an increasingly influential stakeholder in the national healthcare sector. It will be an innovative building of significance that will become a pharmacy hub and a landmark in its own right.

We invite you to become a part of the new Pharmacy House by donating to the Pharmacy House Building Fund.

For the latest information, read the Pharmacy House brochure (3.6MB) and donation form.

Make a donation here.

Let’s invest in pharmacy for the next generation – PSA’s new national office

PSA is investing in a new building at the current premises of Pharmacy House in Deakin, Canberra, to create a modern hub for pharmacy in Australia.

A new purpose-built Pharmacy House, located close to Parliament, government departments and other national medical organisations, will help us to represent pharmacists and pursue PSA’s vision of improving the health of Australians through excellence in pharmacy practice.

The new Pharmacy House will also have a members’ lounge with modern meeting and resource facilities for use by all members for research and meeting when visiting or working in Canberra.  Naming rights options are also available for meeting rooms and the reception area as well as featuring on Honour Boards and artwork.

A building for PSA members

The new Pharmacy House will be a unique concept in incorporating members’ needs into a modern building specifically designed to ensure PSA continues to provide the best possible services for all our members, regardless of where they are located. It will also be a building designed for members and for use by members. Importantly, the name Pharmacy House will be retained and the location will be on the site of the old Pharmacy House.

This location is in a prime area of Canberra, close to Parliament House and government offices, allowing PSA quick and easy access to decision-makers who shape the course of our profession. With the old will come a lot of new. The building will incorporate a multi-functional boardroom featuring a display of historical pharmacy items donated to PSA over many years.

The display will tell its own story of pharmacy in Australia and will be a showpiece of Pharmacy House. In addition, a special members’ area will be incorporated into the building, highlighting that this is a building owned by the membership of PSA, and for the membership of PSA.

This area, which PSA members can use while in Canberra, will provide a range of facilities including a lounge area, tea/coffee-making facilities, a library and other resources. It will be a working area for PSA members who need a space to catch up on business or just to relax for a while between meetings.

Pharmacy House is more than just a building; it’s part of our drive into the future.

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