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Australian Pharmacist Feb 2012 Vol 31 No 2

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This is a complete list of articles. Selected items can be downloaded below.

  • The National President says – No need for generic confusion
  • Letters, News
  • Canberra commentary – Free trade talks – read the fine print
  • State news
  • Rural Pharmacy Special Interest Group – Telehealth – a reality for medicine but not yet for pharmacy
  • Accredited Pharmacist Special Interest Group – FAQs for accredited pharmacists and those completing accreditation
  • Early career pharmacist focus – Victorian ECPs have a big plan for 2012
  • Cover story – 2012: a blockbuster year for generics
  • Old drug new indication – Gabapentin – from epilepsy to menopause?
  • Evidence summaries – Coenzyme Q10 for Parkinson’s disease
  • Continuing professional development contents
  • Counselling in practice – Ticks
  • Health promotion – Travel health
  • Supporting pharmacy practice – A new Code of Ethics for pharmacists
  • The complementary approach – Complementary medicines for intestinal parasites
  • CPE calendars and conferences
  • Solutions through compounding – Treatment of tritrichomonas foetus in cats
  • Evidence in patient care – Head lice
  • Knowledge in practice questions
  • Research – Pharmacist perspectives on managing older patients with multiple chronic conditions
  • Cyberpharm – G1, G2, G3, G4
  • Herbal medicines – Pomegranate for prostate?
  • Product news – Bisolvon, Zoely, Depend Underwear, LucentisR

AP February 2012 Presidents column (63.5 KiB)

AP February 2012 News (306.7 KiB)

AP February 2012 Cover story (197.0 KiB)

AP February 2012 Answer sheet (152.0 KiB)

AP February 2012 Research: Pharmacist perspectives on managing older patients with multiple chronic conditions (74.3 KiB)

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