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NSW Branch Awards and Honours

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Many members make a significant contribution to the profession of pharmacy and to PSA as the professional body for pharmacists in Australia. The PSA is pleased to acknowledge and celebrate these Members by either honouring or awarding members.

Awarding a member

The NSW Awards have been established to recognise and honour the often unsung heroes of the NSW pharmacy profession. There are three awards being offered by the NSW Branch:

  • NSW Pharmacist of the Year
  • NSW Young Pharmacist of the Year
  • NSW Lifetime Achievement

These awards are awarded to three members who have demonstrated a consistently high standard of professional practice in support of the principles of pharmacy service to the community and has achieved excellence and innovation in practice development, services development, advocacy or education.

Eligibility for each of the awards requires the Nominee:

(i) be a current or immediate past member (within 12 months) of PSA (NSW Branch) at the time of nomination; and

(ii) have made a significant achievement in an area of excellence within the year or recent period.

Nominations for the 2016 awards are now open and will close  Monday 9 May 2016 (this date has been extended from 30 April 2016).

To nominate a member, download and complete the NSW Awards Nomination form . Lodge the Nomination form with supporting documents via:

Winners will be announced at a PSA awards function on 4 July 2016 (more details to follow).

Please note that the winner of each of these awards will automatically be entered into the PSA National Excellence Awards proudly supported by Symbion.

2015 NSW Award Recipients

 NSW Young Pharmacist of the Year          NSW Pharmacist of the Year                            NSW Lifetime Achievement Award                            
  Catherine Bronger  Tabitha Jones  Christopher Piggott
catherine-bronger Tab Jones_2 Chris Piggott

Honouring a member

The PSA welcomes nominations for the elevation of deserving members who meet the exacting and transparent requirements set down in the PSA Constitution.

A NSW Honours Nomination Form has been developed to assist with the nomination process.

To be considered for elevation, the following criteria apply.


A PSA member who has, by working in the profession:

–           Achieved a significant advancement* of the practice of Pharmacy; OR

–           Provided an outstanding contribution to the Society for an extended period of time#; OR

–           Provided an outstanding contribution^ to the profession for an extended period of time.

A nomination for Fellow must include two (2) written letters of support. At least one letter of support should not be from a current NSW Branch Committee member.

Life Members and Life Fellows

A PSA Member or Fellow who has made a significant contribution to the Society for an extended period of 20 years or more.

A nomination for Life status must include two (2) written letters of support. At least one letter of support should not be from a current NSW Branch Committee member.

*significant advancement means:

–           What has changed in pharmacy practice as a result of the action(s) of the nominee?

–           Why is this/these change(s) important?

–           Has the impact of the change(s) to practice been widespread across the profession? If not, is this expected to occur in the future?

–           Has the nominee been solely responsible for this/these change(s) to practice? If not, to what degree has the nominee led the change to practice?

#extended period of time means 10 years or more contributing to the advancement of the role of the pharmacists in the health care system by raising professional standards and providing a model for others in the profession.

^outstanding contribution means:

–           What makes the nominee stand out from other PSA members and/or other pharmacists?

–           In what way(s) has the nominee exceeded what might be reasonably expected of a PSA member or pharmacist?

–           In what way(s) has the nominee’s activity/contribution made a material difference to the work of the Society or pharmacy practice?

Timeframes and process

Nominations are welcome at any time.

In the first instance, nominations are assessed and by the NSW Awards and Honours Sub-Committee. Nominations are reviewed by the NSW Branch Committee before recommendations are made to the PSA Board. The PSA Board approves admission of a Member to the category of Fellow or the awarding of Life status.

Please allow up to six (6) months for determination of any nomination.


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