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Australian Medicines Handbook

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The Australian Medicines Handbook (AMH) is a non-optional reference under guidelines issued by the Pharmacy Board of Australia.

AMH is the comparative medicines reference researched and compiled in Australia by a team of qualified editors, all with minimum qualification of a degree in pharmacy.

The following AMH products are available through the PSA Bookzone.

  • AMH book
  • AMH Children’s Dosing Companion
  • AMH Aged Care Companion

Visit the Bookzone to purchase your copies.

More About the AMH

The AMH’s philosophy is to use the best available evidence to support prescribing and dispensing recommendations, and deliver it in a concise and easy to digest layout for the reader.

The content is also intended to reflect contemporary Australian clinical practice.

All content is researched and written by experienced and suitably qualified staff editors, and external contributors, according to a strict editorial policy and associated procedures.

A first draft is reviewed internally, and then sent for a series of reviews to our Editorial Advisory Committee and numerous external reviewers, including experts in the area, general practitioners, community and hospital pharmacists, and nurses.

One of the AMH’s core objectives is to improve the quality use of medicines in Australia. As a result of this, it continues continue to develop and publish books and electronic reference resources to assist in the process of quality use of medicines.

The suite of AMH products now includes two companion resources:

  • AMH Children’s Dosing Companion – a specialist publication to guide the prescribing and administering of medicines to young people in Australia, it contains detailed dosing information for individual drugs, with dosages arranged by indications and/or age groupings from infants to adolescents, plus specific information relating to each drug’s paediatric use
  • AMH Aged Care Companion – a trusted, evidence-based, practical resource for health professionals working with older people, it covers the management of over 70 conditions common in older people, along with general principles on the use of medicines in this population; the online version now contains information on deprescribing, an important concept in optimising the use of medicines in older people.

AMH publication schedule

ProductRelease date
AMH print and onlineJanuary (annual)
AMH Children's Dosing CompanionAugust/September (annual)
AMH Aged Care CompanionAugust/September (biennial)

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