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Wound Care in Practice

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Wound care in Practice is an invaluable resource for front-line health care professionals working in all areas of the health service.

“It is important to treat the whole patient, and not just the hole on the patient” – Associate Professor Geoff Sussman

Wound care in practice has the information you need to provide optimal wound management services

The practical information on dressing section will be at your fingertips, this text is a connivent quick reference to help you effectively asses and manage a variety of common wound types.
It will also help you navigate the many different types of wound dressing, finding the right one for each wound.

This invaluable book contains:
– Step by step instructions for first aid treatment and wound assessment
– Easy to follow treatment instructions and dressing selections.
– Information on when to refer to for further treatment.
– Packed full of full colour illustrations

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