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About CPD


PSA is currently updating the About CPD section of the website to take into account the Pharmacy Board’s newly revised registration standard: Continuing professional development and Guidelines for continuing professional development which came into effect 1 December 2015.

While this update is being completed, the Board’s CPD FAQ may also be useful.

The PSA’s continuing professional development program helps pharmacists meet the  requirements of the Pharmacy Board of Australia.

Continuing professional development:

  • Is more than just participation in continuing education.
  • Is an ongoing, cyclical process of continuous quality improvement by which pharmacists maintain and enhance their competence in current and possible future roles
  • Gives individuals the responsibility to manage self appraisal, develop a personalised learning plan, participate in relevant educational activities, implement new knowledge and skills in practice and evaluate the outcome.

Your participation in PSA activities is captured on your member record, for easy reporting to the Pharmacy Board on renewal of registration.

By using the tools on this website and participating in PSA activities, members can:

  • Tailor CPD to professional and practice needs
  • Get the best results for time spent
  • Improve community health outcomes, and thus foster customer loyalty
  • Meet pharmacy board CPD requirements.

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