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Earning CPD credits

Credits (points) are used as an indicator of a pharmacist’s commitment to ongoing professional development and practice improvement.

Research has shown that different types of learning experiences have different results on behaviour change and improved clinical practice. PSA has therefore established a weighting system which reflects the potential value of different learning activities.

The more effective educational activities:

  • Are interactive (and provide the opportunity to practise skills)
  • Have multiple or sequenced interventions
  • Are linked to practice and based on assessment of need, and
  • Are directed at overcoming barriers to change.

The quality of the learning experience and the approach of the learner is of greater relevance to the value derived from an activity than the quantity of activity undertaken.

Allocating CPD credits

The  building block approach shown below means pharmacists can be confident they are allocating CPD credits consistently.

Allocating CPD credits - reference card (100.3 KiB)

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