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What you need to record for CPD

The Pharmacy Board of Australia Guidelines on CPD state that records of participation in CPD must include:

  • Date of activity
  • Source or provide details
  • Type of activity
  • Topics covered during activity
  • Accreditation status
  • Pharmacy Board of Australia CPD credits.

The Board’s CPD registration standard says:

Pharmacists will be expected to self-assess their individual needs with reference to the Competency Standards for Pharmacists in Australia.

Records should be maintained for at least 3 years.

Your online CPD personal record

The PSA CPD personal record makes it easy to meet the Board’s recording requirements.

PSA and PSA-accredited CPD activities are entered on your record automatically,  capturing all of the information necessary for reporting to the Board on re-registration.

Members can add non-PSA or non-PSA accredited CPD activities to their record through this  website. For these activities, pharmacists should also retain any evidence that they have undertaken an activity in a CPD portfolio for audit purposes, such as certificates, flyers, conference materials, and handwritten notes.

The  online CPD record can also guide members through and capture self-assessment against the competency standards. This self-assessment can help identify learning needs and develop a personal learning plan.

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