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Guidelines: Issuing certificates for absence from work

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The Fair Work Act 2009 allows for pharmacists to issue certificates to people covered by the Act as proof of legitimate absence from work, except for those relating to pregnancy or compassionate leave.

PSA does not take responsibility for the use or adaptation by pharmacists of the sample templates in the guidelines.


Consultation on revised draft guidelines (2018)

Consultation has commenced on the revised draft of the Guidelines for pharmacists on issuing certificates of absence from work. PSA has undertaken this review to ensure the Guidelines are consistent with the professional requirements of contemporary pharmacist practice, including alignment with the Fair Work Act 2009, and reflect the expectations of Australian healthcare consumers.

During the consultation, PSA welcomes comments from members and key pharmacy organisations. The revised draft Guidelines with consultation questions, can be accessed below.

Please firstly review the revised draft guidelines with consultation questions, then provide feedback through the consultation survey. Alternatively, written submissions can be sent to

Consultation on this revised PSA Guideline will be open until 4 May 2018

Any queries regarding this consultation can be emailed to

View the draft revised Guidelines for pharmacists on issuing certificates of absence from work


Original guidelines (2010)

Documents to download or print:

Templates which can be printed or filled out on a computer

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