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Intern position database

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The PSA Intern Position Database lists positions available in community pharmacy and industry across Australia.

This is not a recruitment service and PSA does not screen or accept any responsibility for the quality or suitability of the position with regard to pre-registration training or workplace conditions.

Interns should approach the pharmacy directly for more details.

Positions available

Available positions are listed by state.

  • Western Australian intern positions
  • Victorian intern positions
  • Tasmanian intern positions
  • South Australian intern positions
  • Queensland intern positions
  • Northern Territory intern positions
  • NSW intern positions
  • ACT intern positions
  • How do I list positions?

    Prospective employers or PSA preceptors wishing to advertise intern positions here should complete the following online form and click submit.

    Please ensure you provide an application closing date. Once the application closing date is reached, the job post will be removed. Where no closing date has been provided, the job post will be removed after 2 months.

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