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Committed MPS

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MPS stands for ’Member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia’ and is used by pharmacists who are committed to excellence in healthcare. MPS pharmacists have access to quality education and resources and are supported in pharmacy practice.

Meet a Member

Hear what our valued members have to say about their experiences in the profession and the benefits of becoming an MPS:

What are the benefits of being an MPS?

As an MPS you will be part of an exclusive group of pharmacy professionals committed to improving the health of Australians.

You will have access to:

  • CPD that has been scrutinised for quality and relevance to the latest innovation in pharmacy practice
  • convenient online learning modules to update your knowledge anywhere, anytime
  • easy registration reporting with MyPSA
  • heavily subsidised qualifications and support to advance your career
  • information on industry news and policies
  • networking events with like minded professionals
  • support to assist you with everyday practice and development of your business
  • member-only discounts on reference books and education events

Members can also be confident that PSA is working for and representing pharmacy at the highest levels.

Why should I be an MPS?

No matter where you are in your career journey as a pharmacist, the PSA is here for you. Thousands of pharmacy professionals in Australia and across the globe are PSA members. Join them by joining the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, the voice of pharmacy for all Australian pharmacists!

MPS is the mark of recognition that gives your patients confidence that you are committed to better health for them and their families.

How can I become an MPS?

  • All qualified pharmacists are entitled to use the title MPS upon joining PSA. If you are already a PSA member, you can print a copy of your membership certificate by logging on to MyPSA
  • Show your patients that you are an MPS and use your MPS/FPS post-nominal on your name badge, in your email and in your workplace.
  • We invite you to become a proud MPS!

Are you already an MPS?

Congratulations on being part of the MPS group that is committed to improving the health of our nation. Invite all your colleagues that are not members of the PSA to join today. More members means that you will have a stronger voice! Let the PSA create more opportunities for you and the pharmacy profession.

Let us know what it means to you to be an MPS by submitting a photo or video to 5. Connecting with my profession - instagram or 5. Connecting with my profession - twitter using #committedMPS #proudMPS or talk to us on @proudMPS.

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our vision: Improving Australia's health through excellence in pharmacist care

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