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PSA Mentoring and Connect ME

Learn and lead with the PSA Mentoring Program and Connect Me speed mentoring.
As a mentor you share your legacy and as a mentee you connect to your future.
Explore the options available to you.
“Dream big. Start small. But most of all, start” – Simon Sinek

Upcoming Connect ME events

Find out if mentoring is for you through Connect ME Speed Mentoring. Come and meet fellow pharmacists to chat about your development needs, and explore the options of the detailed PSA Mentoring Program.
New South Wales
Thursday 8 November
Details TBC
Friday 2 November
Tuesday 21 August, 6.00–8.30 pm
Institute For Learning Professionals, Herston
Monday 27 August, 6.30–8.30 pm
Chemistry Tea Room, UTAS

Tuesday 28 August, 6.30–8.30 pm
Launceston Clinical School
Wednesday 22 August, 6.30–9.00 pm
PSA Boardroom, Parkville
Western Australia
Tuesday 7 August, 6.00–8.30 pm
Telethon Speech & Hearing Centre, Wembley
PSA Mentoring Program



PSA Mentoring Policy and Procedure

our vision: Improving Australia's health through excellence in pharmacist care