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Standard: Dose Administration Aids Service

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This PSA document provides advice to pharmacists on the appropriate and effective processes, desired behaviours of good practice, how to fulfil professional responsibilities, and the expected outcomes when providing dose administration aids services.

Pharmacists are expected to exercise professional judgement in adapting this guidance document to meet the specific legislative requirements in their state or territory.

Guidelines and standards for pharmacists: Dose Administration Aids Service

The PSA Professional Practice Standard for Dose Administration Aids Services can be found here:
Professional Practice Standard for Dose Administration Aids Service


PSA has developed the following four checklists to assist pharmacists:

Appendix 2: Assessment of consumer non-adherence when considering a DAA
Appendix 3: Discussion guide and sample agreement for a DAA service
Appendix 4: Record of packing dispensed medicines into DAA
Appendix 5: Examples of medicines which should not be packed in DAA


The Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) provides funding for veterans, war widows, and other eligible DVA clients to access dose administration aids services. Further information can be found on the DVA website.

Under the Community Pharmacy Agreement Pharmacy Practice Incentive Programme, pharmacies may be eligible to receive an incentive payment for providing dose administration aids services. For full details on the programme rules, eligibility, claiming and payments, please refer to the 6CPA website.

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