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Standard: Dose Administration Aids Service

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Public Consultation on DAA Guidelines

Consultation has commenced on the revised draft of the Guidelines for pharmacists providing Dose Administration Aid (DAA) Services. PSA has undertaken this review to support implementation of the revised PPS, and in particular Standard 15: Dose Administration Aid Services. This review has also been undertaken in the context of the release of the Guidelines on dose administration aids and staged supply of dispensed medicines by the Pharmacy Board of Australia in September 2015, changes to common practices and recent research. Funding for this work has been provided by the Australian Government Department of Health.

During the public consultation period on the revised DAA Guidelines, PSA welcomes comments from interested individuals and organisations, including members of the pharmacy profession as well as consumers, other health professional groups and practitioners, educators, researchers and government bodies.

The Consultation paper can be accessed below.

Guidelines For Pharmacists Providing DAA Services (924.3 KiB)

If required for comparison purposes the existing DAA Guidelines, Standards and Guidelines for pharmacists: Dose Administration Aids Service (2007) can also be accessed below.

Guidelines And Standards For Pharmacists DAA Service 2007 (234.3 KiB)

Please review the consultation paper first then provide feedback through the consultation survey, which can be accessed here.

Consultation on the revised DAA Guidelines will be open until 24 May 2017.

Any queries regarding this consultation can be emailed to: policygrp@psa.org.au

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