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Public submissions

The PSA makes submissions to Government and other bodies on issues of concern to its members.

PSA Election Manifesto 2016

PSA’s 2016 Election Manifesto Utilising Pharmacists to Achieve Better Health for Australians outlines five key reforms aimed at the incoming Government, which include:
  • Ensuring the Health Care Home initiative is appropriately funded and based on best practice, evidence-based models of care which utilise pharmacists
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PSA Pre-Budget Submission 2016-17

PSA lodged its 2016-17 Federal Budget submission on February 5, highlights key areas where existing health resources can be better coordinated and targeted within a collaborative primary health care model to improve outcomes for all Australians
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Medicare Benefits Schedule Review (November 2015)

PSA's submission to the MBS Review Taskforce says that instances of medication misadventure could be reduced if some MBS items were available to pharmacists
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Submission to 2015-16 Federal Budget

PSA's 2015-16 Federal Budget submission is entitled Integrating pharmacists into primary care teams - Better health outcomes through cost-effective models of care
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Better health outcomes through improved primary care - 6CPA discussion paper

In a discussion paper  entitled Better health outcomes through improved primary care: Optimising pharmacy’s contribution, PSA says that the Sixth Community Pharmacy Agreement presents an opportunity to focus on the improvements in consumer health outcomes that can be achieved from the delivery of high quality pharmacist services, particularly for those with chronic diseases and on multiple medications
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Response to 2014 competition policy revlew

This issues paper outline PSA's on the current regulatory environment underpinning the community pharmacy sector in Australia
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Submission to 2014-15 Federal Budget

In its 2014-15 Federal Budget submission, PSA has proposed a workforce program to help close the Indigenous health gap, increased use of clinical pharmacists in rural and remote areas, and a better response to diabetes through coordination of care
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Review of advertising of therapeutic goods to the public

PSA has provided a submission to a review by the Therapeutic Goods Administration of the regulation of advertising of therapeutic goods to the general public
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$2000 cap on education expenses

PSA has provided a submission to the Treasury on the Government’s proposal to introduce a $2,000 cap on deductions for work-related educational expenses
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PSA's call to action on chronic disease

Call to action on chronic desease cover
Chronic disease and our ageing population are placing increasing demands on our health system
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Election 2013

The PSA is urging all political parties to consider a number of key health policies in the run-up to the 2013 Federal Election
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Chemotherapy drugs - submission to Senate inquiry

PSA has provided a brief submission to the Senate Community Affairs Committee Inquiry into the Supply of Chemotherapy Drugs such as Docetaxel
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2013-14 Federal Budget submission

The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) has made a submission to the 2013-14 Federal Budget which includes proposals to more fully utilise the skills and knowledge of pharmacists to help reduce the impact of chronic disease in Australia
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PSA submission for 2012-13 Federal Budget

The PSA' s submission proposes an initiative which:
  • targets key shortcomings in the safety and quality of health services for high risk population groups in the community;
  • will create synergies with additional value to the Government‟s health reform framework;
  • addresses unmet need for services;
  • builds capacity in the health workforce; and
  • gives expression to the Australian Government‟s policy objectives underpinning key national health strategies
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Submission on Skilled Occupations List 2012

The PSA has told Skills Australia that based on available evidence, it cannot support the retention of pharmacists on the Skilled Occupations List in 2012-13
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Administration of health practitioner registration

April 2011 The PSA told the Senate Finance and Public Administration References Committee that delays by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency in registering pharmacists and intern pharmacists have caused unnecessary financial burdens and stress
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Federal budget 2011-12 submission

January 2011 The submission to the Treasury  supported the establishment of Medicare Locals and the role of pharmacists in provision of mental health services
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Inquiry into consumer access to pharmaceutical benefits

March 2010 The Society said in a submission to the Senate Community Affairs References Committee that a program of clinical interventions by pharmacists should be included in the Fifth Community Pharmacy Agreement
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Australia'€™s National Drug Strategy: Beyond 2009

February 2010 The PSA told the Ministerial Council on Drug Strategy that there was significant scope for pharmacists to be involved in areas such as smoking cessation, alcohol and health, and illicit substances and opioid pharmacotherapy programs
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