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Which MIMS?

MIMS provides comprehensive and trusted medicines information in a wide variety of formats that enable the busy healthcare professional to access the right information at the right time and in the most appropriate way.

Take look at this quick overview; it may help your decision about which MIMS works best for you a little easier.

  • Need mobility and access from more than place on any device? Think internet based – choose eMIMSCloud, MIMS Online or MIMS Mobile
  • Need mobility and not use the internet for access?  Select Mobile Apps – choose MIMS for Android or iMIMS for iOS
  • Don’t trust your internet access? Make it desktop – choose eMIMSClassic or eMIMSDesktop.
  • Sill like the feel of a book? Pick print – choose the 2015 MIMS Annual and/or the MIMS Abbreviated

mims-taglineeMIMS is now available with a choice of platform so you can be confident it is delivered in a manner that best meets your needs. When you subscribe to eMIMS in 2015 you will be given free access to either MIMS for Android or iMIMS as part of your subscription.

  • eMIMSCloud – internet-based and can be accessed from wherever    you are on any internet abled devise
  • eMIMS Classic – downloaded to sit on your hard drive from a DVD
  • eMIMSDesktop – downloaded to sit on your hard drive either from a DVD or directly from our website
Internet access DVD or website download Monthly content updates MAC Compatible Tablet Accessible Touch Screen compatible IMgateway drug herb, food and supplement module
eMIMSCloud yes yes yes yes yes yes
eMIMSClassic yes yes yes
eMIMSDesktop yes yes yes

 The IMgateway Drug Herb and Food and Supplement interaction database is included as an optional extra in eMIMS. This unique evidence based interactions data base has been developed by Sydney University and is indispensable for Pharmacists and Students. Click here to find out more.

Request a FREE TRIAL of eMIMSCloud including IMgateway by calling the MIMS Customer Service Team on 1800 800 629

Mobile Apps

MIMS apps are only available for download and payment through their respective app stores; they cannot be purchased through the PSA.

To download a FREE Trial, go to the respective app store where you can download a free trial of either app. If you like what you get then you can subscribe through the relevant app store.

These, easy to use, versions of MIMS ensure you can search and browse by generic, brand, indication, company and therapeutic class. Both have a fully searchable tablet identification module and drug to drug interactions. With monthly medicine updates available to you via Wi-Fi – you will always have access to the most current content in the market.

iMIMS for iOS – iMIMS was the first dedicated iPhone application for smart phone and tablet that contains the most comprehensive list of Australian approved medicines.

MIMS for Android – MIMS for Android is the latest product from MIMS. It delivers all the medicines data, updated each month that you have come to rely on from MIMS to your Android smart phone or tablet.


MIMS OnlineThis comprehensive, web-based MIMS provides you with medicines information on your desktop, laptop or tablet. Seamless monthly updates mean currency of information and a simple login will give you the ability search for full product information, abbreviated product information and consumer medicine information. Also find our fully searchable tablet identification module.

MIMS Mobile MIMS Mobile provides all MIMS medicines information on your smartphone. This application requires access to the internet and is updated effortlessly every month. Provides full product information, abbreviated product information and the drug to drug interactions module.


  • MIMS Annual 2015
  • MIMS Abbreviated

Combine the MIMS Annual and the MIMS Abbreviated as recommended text

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