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Which MIMS?

Choosing the right version of MIMS for your pharmacy can be difficult.  Here is a guide.


eMIMS continues to be a complete and trusted guide to product information, consumer medicine information and product images for all registered medicines in Australia.mims-tagline

The new eMIMSCloud and eMIMSDesktop have been developed specially to meet the needs of busy pharmacists for faster access to a growing body of information.

eMIMS is recommended by the Pharmacy Board of Australia as a reference for pharmacists during the dispensing, clinical assessment, reviewing and counselling process, for drug interactions and as an evidence-based reference work on complementary and alternate medicines.

Choosing the right eMIMS will put current medicines information, clinical tools and patient care at your fingertips.

  • Simple functionality that crosses platforms– because you need to think about the content, not how to find it
  • The choice of desktop or internet access to suit the way you work
  • Tools and calculators that help you make timely decisions with evidence based parameters
  • More Patient Care content that fits the needs of your working day
  • Choose single user or corporate pricing to suit the way your business work

Updated seamlessly each month, NEW eMIMS has a comprehensive suite of medicines information and clinical tools you can use all day every day. Unlike other drug information programs the NEW eMIMS looks and feels identical across two delivery formats:



  • Download once from DVD or internet and stored on your computer hard drive
  • Available from December 2013
  • Order code: EMIMSD

Add the unique IMgateway’s, evidence based Drug/Herb and Food Interactions model

The IMgateway Drug/ Herb and food interaction database has been developed by Sydney University and is ideal for pharmacists and students.

  • The interaction record contains a description of the interaction, what could be expected if there is an interaction, severity of the interaction, strength of the supporting evidence and precautions needed. This helps the healthcare professional and  patient to avoid adverse events.
  • The IMgateway database within both the eMIMS Cloud and the eMIMS Desktop will enable you to retrieve evidence-based information on clinically-significant drug and herb and/or food interactions. It facilitates a search of a complementary medicine against a prescription medicine (or vice-versa), to quickly obtain a recommendation on whether the combination should be avoided, requires caution or indeed may improve the outcome.

For more information please visit the MIMS website www.mims.com.au or contact the MIMS Client Service Team on 1800 800 629

MIMS Online

mims-online-logoDesigned for a range of health professionals,  MIMS Online includes Australia s most comprehensive database of full product information (PI), the MIMS abbreviated product information and consumer medical information (CMI) as well as product images. Includes advanced searching options and the MIMS evidence based drug interaction checker.

MIMS Mobile

mims-mobileMIMS Mobile is is specifically designed for use on the internet-enabled phone you carry with you every day. It has been developed for use across a range of platforms and devices, and allows you to bookmark ‘favourite’ pages, review history of your search results and set preferences to suit your needs.

With monthly updates, you will always have access to the most current content in the market.

A secure login gives you access to:

  • MIMS Full Product Information
  • MIMS Abbreviated Product Information
  • MIMS Drug Alert for drug interaction checking

2013 MIMS Annual

Australia’s most comprehensive printed medicines reference

  • More than 3,000 full product information for prescription, over-the-counter and alternative medicines
  • Colour Images for 2,407 tablets and capsules making pill identification simple
  • General Medical & Scientific Information such as medicines in pregnancy, drugs in sport and CYP450 drug interactions – knowing where to find the information is half the battle!
  • Classified by Therapeutic Class and fully indexed, making medicines information and images easy to find
  • Subscribe or renew your subscription
  • Order code: M0006

MIMS Abbreviated (formerly MIMS Bi-Monthly) 

Order code: M0040

Described as the Gold Standard of medicines information, MIMS Abbreviated is Australia’s most well-loved, printed medicines information resource.  Contents include:

  • The MIMS abbreviated information on all prescription and many non-prescription medicines, including over-the-counter products.
  • Section head notes for therapeutic classes help you to understand the big picture.
  • Abbreviated medicines information in therapeutic class format for ease of use
  • Information about dosage, contraindications, precautions, adverse reactions, interactions, PBS pricing, use in sport and pregnancy status in a concise, quick to read format
  • Disease Management Guidelines provide a ready reference of best practice treatment for common conditions.
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