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PSA’s Response to the Review of Pharmacy Remuneration and Regulation Interim Report 2017

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The Review of Pharmacy Remuneration and Regulation presents an opportunity to explore innovative and sustainable ways pharmacists can contribute to Australia’s health system and optimise healthcare into the future.

PSA submitted the following response to the specific options presented by the Review Panel in the Interim Report:

  • Involving PSA in Community Pharmacy Agreement governance, planning and implementation will improve the ability of Government to achieve the objectives of the National Medicines Policy.
  • Professional programs offered by community pharmacies need to be considered in the context of consumer health needs and the evolving way in which people are accessing care. Pharmacist services remunerated by Government should allow for flexibility in terms of service setting to most appropriately meet consumers’ needs.
  • Discretionary discounting by pharmacies undermines the universality of the PBS and actively works against the objectives of the National Medicines Policy.
  • Any changes to the remuneration for dispensing should be modelled and considered extensively prior to adoption and implementation as they may have significant unintended consequences, potentially compromising the viability of the pharmacy sector.The Panel’s use of economic principles to support the reasoning for changes to the way pharmacists are remunerated for dispensing is flawed and inappropriate, as medicines and health services requiring the cognitive input of clinicians are not ordinary items of commerce and hence are not comparable to commodities such as gas or electricity.
  • A more appropriate payment model for pharmacist services is one which recognises and remunerates pharmacists based on the complexity of the presenting consumer’s situation and/or services provided.
  • Developing specific quality indicators for pharmacist practice and auditing against these is in the long-term interest of meeting the objectives of the National Medicines Policy.

Read PSA’s full Response to Interim Report – Review of Pharmacy Remuneration and Regulation.

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