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Supporting practice

Pharmacies play an important role in health care in the area of dispensing and counselling, health promotion and information, medication management, screening, and the management of disease.

These services are provided to all Australians under the Health Care Act.

The Practice Support program helps pharmacies and pharmacists to:

  • shift their focus from product supply to providing health care services;
  • assess their performance against  standards and guidelines for professional conduct and competence and
  • promote quality use of medicines and health management.

The PSA offers resources including short courses, practice guidelines, teaching kits, a special interest group , the SelfCare  program and consultancy services.

The PSA also works with the Department of Health and Ageing and the Pharmacy Guild of Australia to develop and produce Community Pharmacy Agreement programs such as the review of the Professional Practice Standards and the Practice Improvement Training Program.  These are available to all registered pharmacists in Australia.

What you can do

OUR VISION: Improving health through excellence in the practice of pharmacy
PSA Committed to better health