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Clinical interventions

Frequently asked questions

What is this program?

The Clinical Intervention Pharmacy Practice Incentive Program will reimburse pharmacists for providing appropriate clinical interventions, and documenting those interventions in a consistent manner.

A Clinical Intervention is the process of a pharmacist identifying, and making a recommendation in an attempt to prevent or resolve a drug-related problem. The pharmacist recommendation may be for a change in the patient’s medication therapy, means of administration or medication-taking behaviour.

What do I need to do to deliver this program?

Your pharmacy must meet 5CPA requirements to be eligible to provide this program. They include:

  • Be a section 90 pharmacy.
  • Be accredited by a Pharmacy Accreditation program e.g. QCPP.
  • Display and comply with the Community Pharmacy Service Charter
  • Register as a provider of this Pharmacy Practice Incentive Program
  • Provide service in line with PSA standard and guidelines.

How will I be paid?

Payments are made quarterly by Medicare Australia based on the number of Clinical Interventions performed and prescriptions dispensed.

Further information is provided in the Program specific guidelines.

How do I claim for providing this service?

Data must be provided to Medicare Australia on clinical interventions performed and this will be combined with existing Medicare Australia data on the pharmacy’s prescription volume. A payment will be calculated and paid to the pharmacy. See external link below.

What help can PSA give me to deliver this program?

  • PSA Standard and Guidelines for Clinical Interventions
  • PSA Clinical Intervention Workshops are currently being held. Contact your local PSA branch for further information.
  • Online training module being developed – due late 2011.

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