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Practice Improvement Training Program

As external pressures threaten the current scheduling system for non-prescription medicines, pharmacists should create a point of difference between the service and advice available at pharmacies and that of non-pharmacy settings.

The Practice Improvement Training Program (PITP) has been developed to help pharmacies offer quality services in the provision of Pharmacy Medicines and Pharmacist Only Medicines. The PITP encourages pharmacists to embrace their leadership role by equipping them to be trainers in their pharmacy for other pharmacy staff to improve their knowledge, skills and attitudes in providing non-prescription medicines.

The program has been developed by the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia with the support of the Pharmacy Guild and is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing as part of the Fourth Community Pharmacy Agreement.

PITP kits were sent to all community pharmacies in Australia in early July 2010.

How to best use the PITP

There are six training modules, each about 30 minutes long, to be delivered by a pharmacist. As the PITP is a flexible program, these modules can be delivered in any order in a format that suits the pharmacy. The modules could be delivered one after another over half a day, or they could be delivered at separate times, ideally one week apart to allow maximum retention of information and to give staff time to implement key principles into practice.

The PITP training can also be tailored to suit a varying range of experience among staff. Pharmacies could use the training as an induction tool for new staff, or they could present to groups with a skill mix for more experienced members to guide others in their learning.

The PITP includes a resources kit with a variety of training materials.

  • Disc: helps familiarise pharmacists with the contents and facilitate the use of the resources in the training and support of staff.
  • Flipcharts: aid in the delivery of the six communication modules to small groups. Pharmacies training larger groups of staff may choose to use the PowerPoint presentation versions of the flipchart modules provided on the disc instead.
  • Video case studies: two-part videos which automatically stop at a point to allow discussion on achieving optimal health outcomes for consumers and strategies to achieve best practice or to overcome any barriers presented in the video scenario.
  • Workbook: complement and reinforce the training modules with additional activities and exercises such as the written reviews.
  • Scenario cards: suggest interactions for role play for staff to practise their skills in the provision of non-prescription medicines.

For more tips on how to get the most out of the PITP kit, see the ‘Pharmacists’ Guide’ provided with each kit.

Earning CPD credits with the PITP

Presentation of the PITP training to pharmacy assistants is recognised under the Society’s CPD&PI Program for four credits per hour of presentation (for the first presentation of all six modules only, if multiple presentations are to be held). Presenting pharmacists need to complete and return their evaluation form, along with the evaluation forms of the attending pharmacy assistants, to ensure credits are included on their member record in the PSA database.

PITP statement of participation templates

Statement of participation templates are now available for the Practice Improvement Training Program (PITP). The PITP can be used to meet QCPP refresher training requirements for pharmacy support staff and a Statement of participation can serve as evidence for your QCPP assessor.

The Statements of participation templates are designed for pharmacists to fill out and issue to staff on completion of one or all of the PITP training modules.

The templates can be filled in either electonically or printed and filled in manually. Remember to ensure you or your staff keep copies to make available to your QCPP assessor.

PITP sample statement of participation (554.3 KiB) Acrobat (pdf) file

PITP electronic statement of participation (755.5 KiB) Acrobat (pdf) file

PITP manual statement of participation (545.9 KiB) Acrobat (pdf) file

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