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Primary Health Care

Frequently asked questions

What is this program?

The Primary Health Care Pharmacy Practice Incentive Program will reimburse pharmacies for providing at least two of five nominated health care services. These may be either:

  • Disease state management services for consumers with chronic conditions e.g. diabetes, respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease;
  • Screening and risk assessment  of consumers at risk of developing a health condition; or
  • Health promotion targeting consumers and the community for health and wellbeing education and information.

What do I need to do to deliver this program?

Your pharmacy must meet 5CPA requirements to be eligible to provide this program. They include:

  • Be a section 90 pharmacy.
  • Be accredited by a pharmacy accreditation program e.g. QCPP.
  • Display and comply with the Community Pharmacy Service Charter
  • Register as a provider of this Pharmacy Practice Incentive Program

How will I be paid?

Payments are a flat rate and paid annually by Medicare Australia.

How do I claim for providing this service?

Maintain pharmacy accreditation and meet requirements related to this service. See Primary Health Care Factsheet.

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