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Generally, PSA’s guidelines and standards do not address legislative requirements in detail. The Society assumes that pharmacists have ascertained the requirements of applicable legislation in their area and place of practice.

The National Health (Pharmaceutical Benefits) (Conditions of approval for approved pharmacists) Determination 2007, made by the Minister for Health and Ageing  under the National Health Act 1953,  states that in dispensing prescriptions for pharmaceutical benefits, an approved pharmacist must:

  • comply with the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia’s Code of Professional Conduct (now Code of Ethics)
  • comply with the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia’s Professional Practice Standards and
  • maintain the currency of his or her pharmaceutical knowledge in accordance with the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia’s Competency Standards for Pharmacists in Australia 2003.

PSA urges pharmacists to familiarise themselves with the Determination.

Queensland guide to Regulated Restricted Drugs

The Queensland Branch publishes each year guides to regulated restricted and controlled drugs in that State.



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