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Pharmacists performing clinical interventions

A clinical intervention is the process of identifying a drug related problem and making a recommendation in an attempt to prevent or resolve it.

While a  pharmacists’ recommendations to consumers or prescribers might not be implemented, provision of the recommendations would still be considered a clinical intervention.

Under the 5th Community Pharmacy Agreement, pharmacists may receive an incentive payment under the Pharmacy Practice Incentive (PPI) Program for documenting clinical interventions. To be eligible, pharmacies must:

  • be a section 90 pharmacy
  • have accreditation through a pharmacy accreditation program such as the Quality Care Pharmacy Program
  • agree to display and comply with the Community Pharmacy Service Charter; and
  • register for PPI at www.5cpa.com.au

The Standard and guidelines for pharmacists performing clinical interventions was published in March 2011. It can be viewed, printed or saved as a 32pp booklet.

The following parts of the standard are available as separate downloads:

Clinical interventions referral letter

This template can be used as a guide for referring a person to the prescriber or another health care professional before or at an appointment with the latter. Many clinical interventions may still only require a phone call to the prescriber.

Paper-based recording for clinical interventions

This template may be used to record clinical intervention where electronic recording  is not available or not able to be used (e.g. computer failure). It may also be of use for making brief notes during busy periods to enable details to be recorded and entered into the electronic system later.

DOCUMENT DRP and recommendation classification codes

This handy reference list shows all the DOCUMENT DRP and recommendation classification codes and can be printed and displayed in the dispensary for easy reference.

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