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Special interest groups

PSA has online forums for special interest groups.  Membership is free, but requires a PSA member login and password.

Accredited Pharmacist Special Interest Group

Accredited pharmacists, those currently undertaking accreditation, and those interested in becoming accredited are welcome to join the Accredited Pharmacist Special Interest Group.

APSIG provides specifically targeted support for accredited pharmacists to raise their questions, issues, concerns or success stories on practice or remuneration issues, clinical news, communication and case discussion.

Facebook logo 29pxAccredited Pharmacist official Facebook page.

Australian accredited pharmacists can use the PSA Accredited Pharmacists Facebook page to connect with colleagues, share ideas and discuss the latest issues currently facing Australian Pharmacy.

Early Career Pharmacists

The  Early Career Pharmacists Working Group (ECPWG)  supports pharmacists in the early stages of their career.  The ECPWG represents students, interns and registered pharmacists with up to 10 years of experience.

Pharmacists in Health Governance Special Interest Group

PSA has established a Pharmacists in Health Governance Special Interest Group (PHG SIG) as an online information and communications forum for pharmacists who have been elected to Boards of Medicare Locals, or appointed to clinical governance committees or other senior roles in Medicare Locals.

Rural Pharmacy Special Interest Group

PSA members who are working in areas considered rural or remote, and those interested in rural pharmacy are welcome to join.

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