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Amoxil paediatric drops

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In response to members inquiries PSA has approached Aspen for clarification on the correct instructions for mixing Amoxil paediatric drops.

Aspen responded that changes to the instructions were introduced just before it acquired Amoxil from GSK.

The company’s advice to pharmacists is to use the current approved instructions as per – as in the current product information.

  • Check cap seal is intact before use.
  • Invert and shake bottle to loosen powder.
  • Fill the bottle with water to just below the mark on bottle label.
  • Invert and shake well, then top up with water to the mark. Invert and shake again

Aspen has indicated that an application is currently being prepared for submission to the TGA to change the approved PI to a fixed volume for reconstitution.

The product information is available at  http://www.aspenpharma.com.au/products/details/index/id/1098/product/Amoxil+Paediatric+Preparations

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