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October 2018

The below online CPD modules from the September edition of Australian Pharmacist are available free for PSA members.


Metformin: old drug, new tricks

Explains the action, efficacy and potential adverse reactions of metformin and describe the rationale for treatment in type 2 diabetes, describes the emerging role of metformin in women’s health, specifically in the management of polycystic ovary syndrome and gestational diabetes mellitus and describes the novel applications of metformin currently being researched.


Voluntary assisted dying

Defines voluntary assisted dying (VAD), and discuss its legality in overseas jurisdictions, helps understand end-of-life options, patient eligibility and quali cation steps for VAD, according to the Victorian Voluntary Assisted Dying Act 2017, discusses ethical and practical challenges with voluntary assisted dying and discusses the role of the pharmacist in the provision of VAD according to the Act.


Substance use disorders

With more than three million Australians reporting the use of an illicit drug in 2016 alone, pharmacists have a significant role to play in substance abuse education, prevention and support.


Hyperglycaemia in pregnancy

With instances of hyperglycaemia during pregnancy on the rise, pharmacists can support these women by providing health and lifestyle advice both during and after their pregnancy.

Past journals

PSA members can view articles and submit answers to assessment questions from Australian Pharmacist CPD from the previous 24 months by clicking the links below.