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December 2018

The below online CPD modules from the December edition of Australian Pharmacist are available free for PSA members.


Polypharmacy in older people

Applying single-disease focussed clinical practice guidelines to multimorbidity in older adults increase the risk of polypharmacy.


Antimicrobial resistance – Evidence in patient care

Discusses the causes of antibiotic resistance, helps identify the challenges and threats associated with antibiotic resistance and describe the role of the pharmacist in supporting judicious and appropriate use of antibiotics.


Spironolactone oral liquid

Helps recognise when compounding to meet speci c patient requirements is necessary, and the necessary precautions to take, explains how to prepare spironolactone oral liquid extemporaneously, including the components, methods of preparation, packaging, storage and labelling and helps counsel patients/carers on the appropriate use of, and the precautions to be taken, when using spironolactone oral suspension.


Diabetes update

Helps identify current guideline treatment targets for people with type 2 diabetes based on their diff erent characteristics, describes recent evidence regarding the risks and benefi ts of new treatments for the management of type 2 diabetes and helps propose evidence-based, individualised treatment plans for people with type 2 diabetes.

Past journals

PSA members can view articles and submit answers to assessment questions from Australian Pharmacist CPD from the previous 24 months by clicking the links below.