My Health Record Guidelines for Pharmacists Review

The PSA has recently undertaken a review of the My Health Record Guidelines for pharmacists that was originally published in 2018. This review is to ensure the Guidelines are current and address any changes in relation to My Health Record Amendment (Strengthening Privacy) Bill 2018.


PSA gratefully acknowledges the Australian Government for providing funding for this work.


During the public consultation period on the revised My Health Record Guidelines for Pharmacists, PSA welcomes comments from interested individuals and organisations, including members of the pharmacy profession as well as consumers, other health professional groups and practitioners, educators, researchers and government bodies. A survey has been created to assist with feedback and commentary.


Download the draft guidelines for review here
Provide your feedback here (external site – less than 10 minutes to complete)
Please note: The revised Guidelines will undergo professional copy-editing and production processes following this consultation. PSA requests feedback focus on the content of the revised Guidelines, unless otherwise specified in the question. The revised guidelines are still in consultation and as such have not been endorsed.