WA Annual Therapeutic Update

About the 2019 WA Annual Therapeutic Update (ATU)


The Annual Therapeutic Update (ATU) advances clinical knowledge and medication management to enhance professional practice and quality outcomes for patients.

Expand your knowledge in key therapeutic areas and learn from medical specialists and subject matter experts. Develop your personal and professional skills to have greater impact on patient care.

The WA ATU is the premier CPD event for WA and offers valuable networking opportunities with colleagues and industry representatives.

  • Sunday 19 May 2019, Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre


Program Highlights


Removing the bias from clinical judgement – presented by Professor Jill Klein

As we form clinical judgments and make diagnostic decisions we can fall prey to predictable and consistent errors known as cognitive biases. Biases include the overconfidence bias, the framing bias, confirmatory bias and stereotyping. These biases can impact the quality of our clinical decisions. Fortunately, there are remedies that can be applied to avoid or overcome these biases. This session will provide a discussion of cognitive biases and how we can manage them in order to make optimal clinical judgments.


Resilience in the face of error – presented by Professor Jill Klein

Clinical practice can be challenging, and resilience skills are necessary to perform at your best. Resilience is the ability to function at normal and healthy levels in the face of adversity. It is more than simply ‘bouncing back’ – it is the capacity to maintain growth through hardships and emerge from challenges stronger than before. Research shows that resilience is key for success and satisfaction in life. This session will help you to approach adversity with a growth mindset, develop healthy appraisals of difficult situations, and provide support to others during tough times.


Kidneys and hearts: what’s the link? – presented by Professor Markus Schlaich

The link between chronic kidney disease and cardiovascular disease is well documented. Chronic kidney disease has a propensity to cause hypertension in its early stages, which can lead to cardiovascular disease as kidney function declines. It is important that pharmacists recognise chronic kidney disease as a risk factor for cardiovascular disease to ensure that measures can be taken to reduce disease risk.

This session will cover risk factors for both chronic kidney and cardiovascular disease, including lifestyle risk factors, and the impact that progressing kidney function decline has on the cardiovascular system. Pharmacological and lifestyle modifications that may reduce disease risk will also be covered.


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