Palliative Care Workshop

Palliative care can be a difficult times for patients, their families, loved ones, carers and treatment health professionals. Ensuring patients received the best care possible is paramount, and pharmacists are well-placed to ensure appropriate, evidence-based medication management is being provided, whether that be for symptom management, emergency care or in the de-prescribing of inappropriate therapies in patients with co-morbidities.


With the Government’s commitment to expanding community-based palliative care services, this workshop will equip pharmacists with the skills to support palliative care patients and provide an evidence-based approach as part of a multi-disciplinary team, to ensure best possible outcomes are achieved for patients in end-of-life care.


Presenter bio:

Dr Sarah Wenham is the Specialist Palliative Care Physician only working in rural and remote NSW, based in Broken Hill.  Sarah is passionate about providing high-quality patient-centred palliative and end of life care in all care settings for the community that lives in Far West New South Wales, as well as influencing whole of healthcare systems change and upskilling primary and acute care colleagues to do the same.


Sarah was a member of the Expert Writing Group that authored the latest Palliative Care Therapeutic Guidelines (2016), and was the clinical lead of Working Group that developed the Medication Prescribing for Symptom Management component of the Clinical Excellence Commission’s Last Days of Life Toolkit (2017).


Bernadette King is the Senior Manager, Team Culture & Communication and Program Lead for the End of Life Program at the Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC). As Program Lead End of Life, Bernadette managed the introduction of a standardised screening tool for inpatient deaths; the state wide pilot and implementation of the AMBER care bundle and led the development and implementation of Last Days of Life toolkit. Her current role includes the development, implementation and evaluation of state-wide quality and safety improvement priorities with a particular emphasis on team effectiveness and communication while continuing to maintain a lead role at the state level around end of life. Bernadette is a registered nurse and gained most of her clinical experience in a variety of acute surgical settings. She completed her Masters of Nursing in Professional Studies (Management major) in 2002 and completed a Graduate Diploma in Human Factors and Safety Management Systems in 2013.  Bernadette has worked in the quality and safety field for the last 20 years.


Currently applying for accreditation; this activity may include up to 4 Group 2 CPD credits upon successful completion