Mentoring Program

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Learn and lead with the PSA Mentoring Program and Connect Me speed mentoring.


As a mentor you share your legacy and as a mentee you connect to your future. Explore the options available to you.


“Dream big. Start small. But most of all, start” – Simon Sinek

How the program works

Mentor and mentee training and resources are available online as part of the program.


Applications will be reviewed and if compatible mentor/mentees are available, matched to commence the mentoring program.


The PSA Mentoring Program is an exclusive benefit to members.

Mentor program benefits

  • Advance current career pathway
  • Change career pathway
  • Develop business or clinical skills
  • Develop confidence
  • Develop professional network
  • Assist other pharmacists in their career development
  • Be a positive role model
  • Gain professional acknowledgement
  • Provide extended networking opportunities
  • Share your knowledge and wisdom

Upcoming Connect ME events

Find out if mentoring is for you through Connect ME Speed Mentoring. Come and meet fellow pharmacists to chat about your development needs, and explore the options of the detailed PSA Mentoring Program.

Ready to join the Mentoring Program as a mentee or mentor? Click below to start your application.

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