Pharmacist remuneration

With the next Federal Election rapidly approaching, PSA is focused on improving pharmacist remuneration by calling on political parties and independents to address the unfair and inequitable pay discrepancies experienced by pharmacists.


At a glance:

Pharmacists are often paid less than other healthcare providers for providing the exact same services. This is not fair.

Examples of this include:


  • Multidisciplinary Case Conferencing, where pharmacists remain the only allied health provider who are not remunerated for their participation in case conferencing.
  • COVID-19 vaccines, where pharmacists continue to be paid far less than other providers.

Pharmacists deserve the same pay as other healthcare providers for doing the same work.

PSA is calling for this to be addressed by:


  • Introducing a MBS rebate for pharmacists to be remunerated for multidisciplinary care conferences.
  • Introducing a MBS service payment to pharmacists for administering National Immunisation Program (NIP) vaccinations, including COVID-19 vaccines.


PSA also calls on the incoming government to commit to a binding agreement with PSA to improve pharmacist wages and working conditions in recognition of their critical responsibilities, advanced training and skills. The agreement would improve consumer health outcomes through the provision of safe and effective medication use and underpin future Community Pharmacy Agreements to ensure sustainability of the pharmacist workforce.


Download our Remuneration Fact Sheet below.

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