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Which MIMS?

MIMS provides comprehensive and trusted medicines information in a wide variety of formats that enable the busy healthcare professional to access the right information at the right time and in the most appropriate way.

To assist you with selecting the correct product for your personal or business needs, listed below is a quick overview to help with your decision.

  • eMIMS or MIMS On-line (Internet based) – Need mobility and access from more than one place on any device?
  • MIMS for Android or iMIMS for iOS (Mobile Apps) – Need mobility and not use the internet for access?
  • eMIMS Classic (Desktop) – Don’t trust your internet access?
  • MIMS Annual or the MIMS Abbreviated (Books) – Still like the feel of a book?

MIMS Products

Listed below are the products available and sold by PSA (1800 303 270):

  • eMIMS Cloud
  • eMIMS Classic
  • MIMS Abbreviated
  • MIMS Annual.

Listed below are the products available and only sold by MIMS (1800 800 629):

  • MIMS for Android – sold in Google Play store
  • iMIMS – sold in the Apple Store
  • MIMS On-line
  • MIMS Integrated.

Product information – sold by PSA and MIMS:

  • eMIMS Cloud – internet-based and can be accessed from wherever you are on any internet-enabled device.  No updates are required by you. MIMS keep the cloud-based service up to date with monthly updates scheduled by the first day of each month.
  • eMIMS Classic – downloaded to sit on your hard drive from a DVD.  When updates are available for your convenience MIMS will provide you with an email each month to notify you that the updated information is available for download from the website. Simply click on the link within this email and it will take you to the update page on the website. MIMS will provide the DVD three times per year: in April, August and December.
  • MIMS Abbreviated – MIMS Abbreviated comes as an A5, softcover book that’s easy to take with you. Updates are available March, June, September and December.
  • MIMS Annual – the MIMS Annual comes as a sturdy, hardcover A4 book to withstand a year’s worth of consulting. A CD ROM accompanies the book as well as a separate booklet of product images.

The CD ROM installs MIMS Annual on your computer and is referred to in the book. It can be installed on Apple Macintosh computers that also have Microsoft Windows installed. The Apple Store and other Apple retailers can advise you on the best options for you to install Microsoft Windows for your particular needs. Updates are available July each year.

Additional modules available:

  • IMgateway Drug Herb, Food and Supplement interaction – currently only available in eMIMS, this module has been developed by a team at the University of Sydney School of Pharmacy. The locally researched, evidence-based drug herb interactions are designed to provide health professionals with the ability to retrieve information on clinically significant drug and herb interactions.
  • Don’t Rush to Crush – with the need for clear, professional advice regarding the suitability of crushing a medicine, the Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia (SHPA) and MIMS have partnered to ensure the 2nd Edition of “Don’t Rush to Crush” is available as an additional module within eMIMS Cloud. Please find the video link below.

There is nothing else like it so take a look and see for yourself how much value Don’t Rush to Crush in eMIMSCloud will bring to your daily work.

Navigation is simple: search generic or brand in the Medicines Information module and with one click find the information specific to that medicine.  If you want to search the entire Don’t Rush to Crush Content you can do so in the eMIMSCloud Clincal Resources module.

Save yourself time, improve patient safety and be confident your information is the most up to date you can find.

You can add Don’t Rush Crush to your current eMIMSCloud subscription and at a prorated cost that fits the timing of your existing subscription.  Updates to the content will continue as and when they are made by the SHPA.

Both eMIMSCloud and Don’t Rush to Crush are included in Pharmacy Board of Australia’s list of essential references for pharmacy practice and combining these two products electronically can reduce your overall costs.  With this in mind and with the need for clear, professional advice regarding the suitability of crushing a medicine, the Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia (SHPA) and MIMS have joined forces.

Visit the Bookzone to purchase your ad-on.

Product overview

 Internet accessDVD or website downloadMonthly content updatesMac compatibleTablet accessibleTouch screen compatibleIMgateway moduleDon't Rush to Crush
eMIMS Cloudyesyesyesyesyesyesyes
eMIMS Classicyesyesyes


Available Formats

  • eMIMS Cloud – sold as a single user, two users, three users + extra users
  • eMIMS* Cloud IMgateway Drug Herb Interactions – sold as a single user, two users, three users + extra users
  • eMIMS** Cloud Don’t Rush to Crush – sold as a per site licence


  • eMIMS Classic – sold as a minimum of three users only + extra users
  • eMIMS* Classic IMgateway Drug Herb Interactions – sold as a minimum of three users only + extra users
  • eMIMS Cloud Don’t Rush to Crush – not available with classic


*must have a current eMIMS Cloud or Classic subscription – only valid until eMIMS expires (no pro rata rates)

**must have a current eMIMS Cloud subscription – only valid until eMIMS expires (no pro rata rates)

Product information – sold at MIMS only:

  • MIMS for Android – delivers all the medicines data that you have come to rely on from MIMS to your Android smart phone or tablet. Updates are automatic monthly prompts through your device – available first day of each month.
  • iMIMS – iPhone application that contains the most comprehensive list of Australian approved medicines from the company you prefer and trust.
    iMIMS is the latest innovation from MIMS that delivers to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Your device will need to be running on Apple iOS version 9.3 or higher and have approximately 1.8GB of free space (current download is around 1.72GB). Each iMIMS subscription allows you to install the app on two devices. Updates are available monthly with your choice via Wi-Fi or mobile network.
  • MIMS On-line – Comprehensive web-based access to MIMS medicines information from your desktop or laptop.
    When you need instant access to medicines information at your desk or across a network, MIMS Online provides a solution that’s always current.
    Login via your cabled or wireless connection to search full product information, abbreviated product information, consumer medicine information and our unique tablet identification module. MIMS Online is always up to date thanks to seamless monthly content updates.
  • MIMS Integrated – Through its Integrated Data Solutions team, MIMS Australia makes its data available to third-party software developers for integration into medical software products e.g. GP and Specialist clinical desktop programs, dispensing systems and hospital electronic health records.


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