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Non-Clinical – Leadership and Management

  • Lead and manage effective workplace relationships
    Lead and manage effective workplace relationships BSBLDR502 Learn the skills and knowledge required to lead and manage effective workplace relationships.
  • Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability
    Develop skills and knowledge to enable you to develop and implement integrated sustainability policies and procedures within an enterprise.
  • Develop and implement strategic plans
    Develop skills and knowledge to analyse and interpret relevant markets; assess the capability of the organisation, and its existing and potential competitors and allies.
  • Lead and manage professional pharmacy services
    Develop the knowledge and skills to enable you to plan, design, manage and evaluate the provision of a professional service that caters for the needs of patients including their health issues, counselling needs and referral to other health professionals.
  • Provide leadership in pharmacy practice
    Develop the knowledge and skills to provide leadership in pharmacy practice or the profession including community, hospital, residential care facility and general practice settings. Develop the knowledge and skills to generate, lead and sustain innovative organisational thinking and practice. Two units are co-assessed in this short course.
  • Implement and monitor marketing activities
    Learn how to market the pharmacy and its product range in a rapidly changing environment. Develop strategies to compete against other pharmaceutical distribution channels – both existing and emerging.
  • Build and sustain an innovative work environment
    Develop and implement a holistic approach to the integration of innovation across the pharmacy. Implement strategies to encourage innovative thinking in staff and allow them to develop innovative approaches to job tasks.
  • Manage budgets and financial plans
    Develop knowledge and skills to plan and implement financial management approaches.
  • Ensure a safe workplace
    Understand your legal obligations for work health and safety. Develop clear policies and procedures that protect your staff and ensure that accidents are foreseen and prevented.
  • Manage an information or knowledge management system
    Manage business information and the retention of corporate knowledge. Focus on the skills and knowledge required to organise training in the use of, and effective management of systems.

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