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Practice Support Tools – Guideline CPA

  • 6CPA MedsCheck and Diabetes MedsCheck Program
    Online Module
  • Standard: Dose Administration Aids Service
    A dose administration aids service assists in the safe and effective administration of a consumer’s medication and improves adherence. It is a holistic service that covers the packing of dose administration aids (DAAs) and the professional support services provided to ensure the optimal use of DAAs.
  • Standard: Clinical interventions
    A clinical intervention is the process of identifying a drug related problem and making a recommendation in an attempt to prevent or resolve it.
  • Guidelines: Continued dispensing
    Continued Dispensing is the supply of an eligible medicine to a consumer under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme when there is an immediate need for that medicine but it is not practicable to obtain a prescription.
  • Guidelines: MedsCheck and Diabetes MedsCheck
    Photograph of MedscheckThe guidelines for pharmacists providing medicines use review (MedsCheck) and diabetes medication management (Diabetes MedsCheck) services have been developed by the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia for pharmacists under Fifth Community Pharmacy Agreement (5CPA) funding arrangements.
  • Guidelines: Patient Medication Profile Program
    This page has information and materials for pharmacists on the Patient Medication Profile (PMP) Program funded under the Fourth Community Pharmacy Agreement.
  • Standard: Staged supply services
    Staged supply is the process by which pharmacists supply medicines to consumers in periodic instalments of less than the total required or prescribed quantity at agreed intervals.

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