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How long since you had that Kruschen feeling?
Alan Yip sent this story about a product that has been on the proprietary medicine market for about 85 years.
Kruschen Salts
were first produced by an English company, E Griffiths Hughes
of Manchester. The formula, according to ‘Martindale, The
Extra Pharmacopoeia 1943”, is a therapeutically balanced preparation containing the sulphates of magnesium, potassium and sodium as well as sodium chloride, potassium chloride and citric acid.
The product was marketed in the USA by Phillips and Benjamin Company Limited of New York from the 1920s. Closer to home it was also available in New Zealand as well as
in Australia and it was quite heavily advertised in popular magazines such as Humour and Aussie, as well as in newspapers. In the 1920s and 30s Kruschen was distributed in Australia by H & W Grear of George Street Sydney.
allied symptoms sick headache, sluggishness and indigestion, etc.
In the 1970s television and radio advertising was used very effectively and considerably high brand awareness, especially in the 55+ age group, was created.
In 1961 Kruschen was acquired by Nicholas from E Griffiths Hughes and the principle advertising slogan was “Get that ‘KRUSCHEN’ feeling.”
The product was advertised and promoted for constipation and its
It’s a long time since I’ve heard from you, so get a move on!
David Cowen, Professor Emeritus of History, Rutgers University, USA, passed away on April 14, 2006, at his home in New Jersey.
He was in his mid 90s and right up to the end David maintained his enthusiasm for the history of pharmacy, medicine, and New Jersey as well as his interest in the next generation of scholars.
He was a good friend to the Australian Academy of the History of Pharmacy and was always ready with helpful advice and cheerful criticism, if asked for. He has sent articles to this journal for publication and we have been honoured to receive his support.
He was a world-renowned expert on Edinburgh Pharmacopoeias, and he was very proud of his own collection of these volumes.
David Cowen
David Cowen began teaching pharmacy history in 1933 and although he was not qualified as a pharmacist.
He has been credited with putting this discipline on the world map. Throughout his long academic career he has produced many works of distinction, perhaps the most notable being An illustrated history of pharmacy which he co-authored with Bill Helfand in 1990.
He served on many bodies associated with pharmacy history including the Councils of the American Institute
of the History of Pharmacy and the International Society of the History of Pharmacy.
We’ve lost a treasure.
Keith Smith
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