About CPD

PSA’s CPD program helps you meet the registration requirements of the Pharmacy Board of Australia.


CPD is more than just participation in continuing education. It is an ongoing, cyclical process of continuous quality improvement by which you maintain and enhance your competence in current and possible future roles. It also gives you the responsibility to manage self-appraisal, develop a personalised learning plan, participate in relevant educational activities, implement new knowledge and skills in practice and evaluate the outcome.


Your participation in PSA CPD activities is captured on your member record automatically and within your PSA CPD Plan, for easy reporting to the Pharmacy Board of Australia on renewal of registration.


By using the tools on this website and participating in PSA activities, you can:

  • Tailor CPD to professional and practice needs
  • Get the best results for time spent
  • Improve community health outcomes, and thus foster customer loyalty
  • Meet Pharmacy Board of Australia CPD requirements.

Pharmacy Board CPD requirements

The Pharmacy Board of Australia’s revised Registration Standard: Continuing professional development (effective 1 December 2015) requires every registered pharmacist (excluding those with non-practising registration) to develop an annual CPD plan to identify and undertake CPD activities to meet their professional development needs.


In developing a CPD plan, pharmacists are expected to reflect on their scope of practice (current and any proposed changes) and self-assess their professional development needs against relevant competencies in the National Competency Standards Framework for Pharmacists in Australia.


Your CPD plan must be a verifiable record that is clear and structured and show how your professional development has positively impacted on your practice through reflective learning.


On renewal of registration, you must declare that you have met this standard during the previous registration period, and show that you have planned for the next registration period. The Pharmacy Board of Australia will audit compliance with this requirement annually.


For more information on the Pharmacy Board of Australia’s registration requirements go to the Pharmacy Board of Australia’s website.

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CPD Documents

The following documents have been created to assist PSA members in meeting their CPD requirements.