Pharmacy Board of Australia recommended references

Pharmacy Board of Australia Guideline 1 states that “current editions of the following references in the form of a published document (hard copy) or via electronic means, such as a computer, must be readily accessible and should be accessed by pharmacists during dispensing, clinical assessment, reviewing and counselling processes”.


The products outlined on this page assist in meeting your board requirements and are available for purchase through the PSA’s online shop.

Current texts

Book only

Digital APF (single user)

Digital APF (1-3 Users)

Book and Digital APF (single user)

Book and Digital APF (1-3 Users)

Australian Medicine Handbook (AMH) 2018 (Book Only)

AMH Children’s Dosing Companion (2018 Edition)

AMH Aged Care Companion 2018

Don’t Rush to Crush handbook

eMIMS Classic (3 users)

eMIMS IM Gateway Drug Herb Interactions (3 users)

AusDI by Medical Director (1 user)

AusDI by Medical Director (3 user)

AusDI Don’t Rush to Crush

Therapeutic Guidelines Complete Set

Individual therapeutic guidelines

Drugs of addiction register, LogTag software, LogTag display units and LogTag starter kits.