About PSA

Image of female pharmacist holding an ipad

Every pharmacist needs someone in their corner – fighting for their profession on issues they can’t fight alone. PSA is the national Peak Body for Australia’s 37,000+ pharmacists, bringing together every pharmacist from every sector and connecting them with the resources and professional development they need to succeed. Through proactive advocacy, PSA ensures pharmacy will remain a rewarding and enjoyable career into the future.


As members, pharmacists not only play an active role in shaping a better future for their career but also connect with the people, the networks, and the resources they need to be more effective as a pharmacist and to make the industry a fulfilling sector in which to work.


Like any good career coach (and RTO), PSA creates and delivers professional development opportunities that prepare all pharmacists for everything the industry’s various sectors (and patients) can throw at them.


From student, to intern, to pharmacist and all the sector changes that a long career might entail, PSA is with pharmacists every step of the way.


Every Australian has access to safe, quality and effective healthcare through optimising the role of pharmacists in the Australian healthcare system.

Our Mission

Embedding, equipping and enabling pharmacists to be at the forefront of healthcare in Australia.


  1. Ensure pharmacists have the opportunity to have rewarding careers through advocacy and innovation
  2. Provide lifelong professional support for pharmacists and the pharmacy profession, and advocate for appropriate recognition and remuneration
  3. Build a strong and engaged membership base that supports and enhances PSA’s influence
  4. Value our people, and apply best-practice management and governance to ensure organisational effectiveness and sustainability.