Respect @ PSA

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The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) believes in providing a safe, inclusive and positive workplace for our staff and volunteers. Our RESPECT @ PSA policy underpins the organisation’s focus to transparently care for and nurture our people and members.


RESPECT @ PSA applies to all employees, other workplace participants, PSA members, and third parties such as visitors, setting the standard for how we behave. This policy replaces PSA’s original Anti-Discrimination, Workplace Bullying & Equal Employment Opportunity policy.


PSA aims to ensure that all employment-related decisions are based on merit, not irrelevant attributes or characteristics that a person may possess. PSA aims to be culturally inclusive in our employment practices at all time and PSA will, where possible, create environments which promote effective and respectful relationships.


RESPECT @ PSA extends to all functions and places that are related to work or the performance of PSA functions by workplace participants, for example – business trips, work lunches, work drinks, PSA conferences, Christmas parties, member or stakeholder functions, and any events or functions at which workplace participants are representing the PSA.


PSA does not tolerate any disrespectful behaviour toward our people or third parties, and we strongly encourage anyone who has experienced such occurrences to immediately get in contact with our team.


If you have any grievances or concerns that you’d like to confidentially discuss, please contact PSA’s Respect @ Work team via email.