Pharmacists in 2023


PSA is getting ready for Pharmacists in 2030

In 2023, pharmacists will be recognised as the custodians of medicine safety, using their medicines expertise to support the safety of patients.


Setting the agenda

Pharmacists in 2023 reveals 11 changes needed for healthcare evolution to deliver safety and quality improvements in the use of medicines, and better use of pharmacists to improve access to healthcare.

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Medicine safety is in pharmacists' DNA

The report unlocks the potential for pharmacist to improve healthcare access and outcomes for Australians and reduce variability in care.

Improving Australia's health

This presents a three-way benefit – for patients, our profession and Australia’s health system.


Pharmacist will do more

Our goal is to ensure pharmacist meet community health needs while practising to their full potential and being supported to develop as practitioners with a quality framework for service delivery.

Key actions

For pharmacists in 2023 to address the health needs of all Australians, we have identified 11 actions for change:

11 actions for change

Making it happen

Achieving these actions will require the removal of barriers currently impeding change, along with support for the five identified enables of change:

Key enablers

Download the report

To find our how these changes will become a reality, download a copy of the full report and share it with your network.