Pharmacists in 2030

Published in 2019, Pharmacists in 2023 was the primary report into the future role of pharmacists across Australia’s health systems.


The report opened with statements highlighting the Australian health system’s universality, effectiveness, and efficiency. It also highlighted megatrends which would test these vital attributes and identified ways to unlock the potential of pharmacists to help respond to these trends. What was not identified in 2019 was the extent of acceleration for these trends which the COVID-19 pandemic would bring.


We have come a long way to achieving the vision set out in Pharmacists in 2023. As we reach the end date on this plan, it is time to reflect on these achievements and use its successes and lessons to forge the next plan for the profession as we head towards 2030. But there is much more to do.



Consultation has now closed. If you wish to provide feedback beyond the consultation, please email policy@psa.org.au


PSA has sought input from a range of stakeholders, including pharmacists, industry, governments, peak bodies, and other health professionals.


The next consultation phase seeks important feedback from the patients and customers we serve.


Your views are vital to shaping a future that serves the changing needs of our communities and supports the sustainability of the health sector.


Read the full consultation paper here and complete the consultation survey below.

Industry consultation open

September 2023



Consultation closes

December 2023



Review feedback, insights

January 2024



PSA member only briefing

February 2024



Targeted consumer consultation

Throughout 2024



Consumer insight report launch

June 2024



Pharmacists in 2030 launch

August 2024

Toward Pharmacists in 2030: Launch of Consultation Paper

25 September 2023     This World Pharmacists Day, the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) has launched consultation for its primary future vision report Pharmacists (…)