Career Pathways

My pathway to success

PSA Career Pathways is an exclusive and complimentary service available to PSA members. It provides you with a suite of education, practice support tools, and resources packaged around a defined career pathway.



Select a PSA Career Pathway below and take the next step towards a rich and fulfilling career.
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Services Pharmacist

Optimise health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

General Practice Pharmacist


Work Collaboratively with GPs to improve patient oucomes.

Pharmacist Diabetes Educator


Empower, motivate, educate and support patients living with diabetes.

Medication Management Review Pharmacist

Influence patient outcomes through quality use of medicines.

Pharmacy Owner

Take the right steps to pharmacy ownership.

Defence Force Pharmacist

Deploy, dispense and defend.

Pharmacist Manager

Lead teams and develop lifelong business skills.

Professional Services Pharmacist

Provide evidence based pharmacist-led services.