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Find everything you need to know about pharmacists practice and digital health, including:


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  • Electronic Prescribing
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Connecting the dots: Digitally empowered pharmacists

PSA’s Connecting the dots: Digitally empowered pharmacists outlines the future of pharmacy where these digital systems provide seamless, more customised clinical care and better medicine outcomes. Digital transformation will piece together Australia’s healthcare system and provides an unprecedented opportunity to increase the quality of patient care.


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Digital Health Guidelines for pharmacists

About the guidelines

Image of Digital Health GuidelinesThe Digital Health Guidelines for Pharmacists describe the professional obligations of pharmacists when interacting with digital health systems in performing their professional clinical roles. These guidelines provide guidance on expected professional practice when

using digital health systems, so that pharmacists can provide optimal patient outcomes, while meeting legal and ethical obligations relating to data access and stewardship. The guidelines should be used as a tool to support practice and professional decision making, and ensure that patients’ needs, beliefs and preferences are met. They can be used as an educational resource to inform quality assurance processes, and provide support when resolving legal disputes and ethical dilemmas.


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Electronic Prescribing

image of e-scriptElectronic prescriptions are a digitally enabled option for medication management in Australia. Electronic Prescriptions allow people to manage prescriptions electronically, increasing convenience and improving medication safety.


For your pharmacy electronic prescriptions:


  • Increases medicine safety by reducing prescribing and dispensing errors
  • Improves efficiency in prescribing and dispensing medicines
  • Removes the need for handling and storing a physical paper prescription
  • Supports digital health services such as telehealth services to ensure continuity of patient care
  • Provides an opportunity to protect community members and staff from exposure to infectious diseases such as COVID-19
  • Maintains patient privacy and integrity of personal information


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Recorded Webinars

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  2. Recorded Webinar: electronic National Residential Medication Chart – impacts on workflow and professional practice – click here to watch