OFX – a smart alternative to banks

Sending money overseas? OFX offers PSA members a smarter alternative to the banks. Register now for free transfers.


PSA is pleased to partner with foreign exchange specialists OFX so that you can transfer money faster, incur no transaction fees and access more competitive exchange rates. Best of all you can organise a transfer anytime you like online or by phone – they are open 24-hours a day on business days.


By using OFX you will enjoy:

  • No transaction fees
  • No receiving bank fees in most countries
  • Extremely competitive foreign exchange rates across 50 currencies
  • Online access 24/7
  • Access to a dedicated Dealer by phone 24-hours a day, 5 days a week
  • Complete exchange rate transparency
  • Risk management tools through Limit Orders and Forward Exchange Contracts
  • Exchange rate alerts via email
  • Access to our highly regarded daily and weekly “Market Commentary”


You can use OFX to:

  • Pay international invoices;
  • Pay for loans, investments, school fees abroad;
  • Purchase property internationally;
  • Transfer money to family members;
  • Transfer pensions.


Follow the step by step guide below to use the OzForex Currency Payments & Transfers Service.

STEP 1 – Register online


STEP 2 – Enter the currency and amount of currency you want to transfer, e.g. USD. Click the button that says “View Current Rate”.


STEP 3 – You will then see the live “Spot Deal Quote” offered by OFX. If you want to purchase through OFX you will need to set up a beneficiary (or payee), to do this click the yellow button that says “Add Beneficiary”. Fill in the form fields with the details of your beneficiary and press the button that says “Save beneficiary” and then return to the quote.


STEP 4 – Once you have checked our rates, in order to continue you need to speak to one our dealers to finalise your account setup. To do so, please call us on 1300 300 424 – we are open 24 hours on business days. The dealer will set up your account with the currencies you wish to trade and once finalised you will be authorised to add deals directly into the system.


To speak to an OFX accredited dealers about your foreign exchange requirements call +612 8667 8000 (1300 061 753 in Australia; 0845 686 1950 in the UK; 1800 680 0750 in Canada or 0800 161 868 in NZ) or register online