PSA CSI Week: The Contemporary Community Pharmacy Practice Forum

The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) has officially opened its Communities of Specialty Interest (CSI) Week, launching the Contemporary Community Pharmacy Practice (CCPP) CSI.


The CSIs are an important way for members to help contribute toward, and debate key issues affecting the sustainability of the profession. For a long time, members have been calling for a forum to support collaboration, innovation, and strategic progression of various clinical practice areas in pharmacy. 


PSA members may apply to join a CSI group and benefit from the strategic advice, support, and dedication of its leadership and practice groups. PSA members are critical to the future of pharmacy and to the evolving roles and remuneration within the profession.


PSA National President, A/Prof Chris Freeman, officially opened CSI Week.


“PSA21 saw the successful launch of the Early Career Pharmacist Community of Specialty Interest, and I am delighted to announce the opening of CSI Week today. 


“These CSIs provide an opportunity for PSA members to discuss and advise the PSA of current and emerging practice needs and specialty interests of pharmacists. 


“The principle focus of the CSIs is to provide a pharmacist’s perspective in a defined practice area, and to support the vision and mission of the PSA relating to that practice. 


“Today, we are announcing the first group of the week, and second in the sequence, the Contemporary Community Pharmacy Practice CSI. This group is now live, and I strongly encourage all PSA members practicing in community pharmacy to sign up and have your voices heard,” A/Prof Freeman said. 


CCPP CSI Chair, Dr Fei Sim, announced the Contemporary Community Pharmacy Practice forum.


“There has been a paradigm shift in community pharmacy practice. To meet the needs of patients, consumers, and the overall health system in Australia, the role of community pharmacists has expanded beyond medicine supply.


“The CCPP-CSI aims to identify and articulate the complexities, opportunities, and challenges facing community pharmacy within contemporary practice environments. The forum seeks to identify where further support is needed for pharmacists as they face significant organisational, economic and technological change.


“This group serves as a platform to enable community pharmacy practice development in an effective and sustainable manner moving forward.


“Community pharmacists can no longer be reclusive in our practice, and we need to work together to gain the roles, recognition, and remuneration we deserve – and we are in it together.


“Pharmacies and pharmacists are integral to local communities. Whilst the pandemic has highlighted the invaluable and paramount role played by community pharmacists, it has accentuated gaps in our practice which warrant improvement.


“This CSI group serves to bring passionate, invested, and interested members together to debate and guide future development of this practice area. I call on you, our PSA members, to join the CCPP CSI Group, and be in this journey to make waves and a positive impact,” Dr Sim said.


To register for the CCPP CSI, please visit psa.org.au/csi. 



Media contact: PSA media 0424 777 463