PSA CSI Week: The Respiratory Care CSI

The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) has announced the final Community of Specialty Interest (CSI) of CSI Week, devoted to respiratory care.


From today, the Respiratory Care (RC) CSI, Chaired by Professor Sinthia Bosnic-Anticevich, has been made available to PSA members.


The RC CSI was established with an initial focus on the current status of asthma management in pharmacy practice, and the role of the pharmacist in respiratory management. This group aims to develop a framework for a Respiratory Toolkit and a National Respiratory Advocacy Strategy.


Professor Bosnic-Anticevich shed light on the new forum.


“It is quite clear that over the last 5-10 years the respiratory landscape has been changing. Our understanding of the pathophysiology and treatment of chronic obstructive lung diseases, specifically asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, has meant that the delivery of care has also needed to change. This has implications for pharmacy and pharmacists, and while guidelines provide the overall context for the delivery of care, they are rarely fit for purpose for pharmacy.


“The Respiratory CSI will bring together pharmacists across the spectrum of practice, from research, education, and advocacy. It will enable a dynamic and vibrant platform where practising pharmacists will have the opportunity to input and impact on the strategies developed for the delivery of respiratory care in the community and across the continuum of care.


“This CSI will ensure that practice-based initiatives for respiratory care are developed and enabled by pharmacists for pharmacists. It is only through this profession-based approach that patients with respiratory conditions can receive maximum benefit from pharmacy services, which are effective and sustainable in the real world setting.


“Members will gain the opportunity of having a voice and providing advice and influence into the development of strategies for the profession around respiratory care. They will have the professional advantage to engage with leaders within the respiratory field and to influence the development of policy recommendations.


“In addition, they will gain access to the latest medical findings in the field of respiratory medicines, have the opportunity to develop leadership skills within the profession, and will gain exposure to inter-professional colleagues as they relate to respiratory care. Their involvement can evolve as their needs and ambitions change over time,” Professor Bosnic-Anticevich said.


To register for the RC CSI, please visit https://my.psa.org.au/s/csi-groups/respiratory-care. For more information on PSA CSIs please visit our website.




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