Learn more about pharmacists in Australia

Get ready to thank your local pharmacists this Thursday 16th March.

PSA is the peak body representing Australia’s 36,000 pharmacists practicing in all settings and specialisations. We are committed to improving Australia’s health through excellence in pharmacist care, and believe that the expertise of pharmacists can be better utilised to address the health care needs of all.


Pharmacists are the frontline heroes of community healthcare. We are the most accessible healthcare professionals for the vast majority of Australians, and are trained to identify a range of health conditions.


Despite the crucial role pharmacists play in the health of our community they are too often overlooked and undervalued. Recognise our pharmacists for their incredible work throughout the pandemic and show them the appreciation they deserve by thanking your pharmacists this Thursday, 16th March 2023.

Number of Pharmacists in each state and territory

Did you know?

  • The average Australian visits a community pharmacy 18 times each year
  • 97% of people living in capital cities have access to at least one pharmacy within 2.5 km radius, while  66% of people living in the rest of Australia are within 2.5 km of a pharmacy.
  • Nearly 10 million COVID-19 vaccines have been delivered by pharmacists around Australia, in addition to influenza and other routine vaccinations.

For pharmacists: how you can get involved

Thank Your Pharmacist Day is an opportunity for you to stand up for your profession. The roles and responsibilities of pharmacists have been under the spotlight with a raft of changes across states and territories in recent months.


PSA has a long history of advocating for expanded pharmacist vaccinations, scope of practice reviews, and improving remuneration. This Thank Your Pharmacist Day is an opportunity to have your voice heard by decision makers, urging them to allow us to practise to our top of scope.


Click on the button below to download a letter template that you and your colleagues can use to advocate to your local politicians.