Support for your local pharmacists is more important than ever

Celebrating Thank Your Pharmacist Day 2024

Thursday 21 March 2024 is Thank Your Pharmacist Day. Thank Your Pharmacist Day is celebrated annually in March, bringing together patients, community leaders and stakeholders from across the health sector to acknowledge the vital work of our pharmacists.


This year’s Thank Your Pharmacist Day theme is More than ever, highlighting pharmacists’ growing role in Australia’s health care system.


Our profession is doing more to support the health and wellbeing of Australia than ever before. We are accessible in communities, offering more services, delivering more vaccinations, and making critical medicines more accessible to all. We are strengthening access to oral contraceptives and treatments for uncomplicated UTIs, and in some parts of the country, providing more care for minor skin conditions.


We are providing more medication management reviews, and supporting multidisciplinary care in general practice, ACCHOs and aged care facilities. We are supporting the quality use of medicines in hospitals, working with doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals in a range of settings—from inpatient bedsides to emergency departments and outpatient clinics.


Each of these roles and the countless other specialist areas of practice are critical to the future of our health care systems.


Every single pharmacist deserves Australia’s thanks now more than ever. 


PSA’s full advocacy and brand kit can be downloaded below.

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