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New training for pharmacist delivery of sleep apnoea services

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December 11, 2017


An exciting new continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) delivery training program designed exclusively for pharmacists has been developed by the peak national body for pharmacists, the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) in collaboration with the Australasian Sleep Association (ASA).

The blended training program called Sleep Apnoea Services for Pharmacists comprises three online modules followed by a face-to-face workshop offering practical hands-on experience in a sleep clinic.

PSA National President Dr Shane Jackson said PSA was delighted to continue its productive collaboration with ASA after working together to develop the Practice guidelines for the provision of sleep apnoea services within pharmacy in 2015.

“This training program equips pharmacists with both the knowledge and hands-on experience needed to establish and deliver a high-quality CPAP service in a community pharmacy,” Dr Jackson said.

ASA President Peter Eastwood said sleep physicians from around the country are looking forward to working with PSA to support pharmacists to provide a better CPAP service for their patients.

The three online modules will focus on defining, assessing and managing sleep. The modules will also provide relevant background knowledge on topics including sleep studies, risk factors and treatment while focusing on the important role of pharmacists in providing CPAP services of a high standard.

The first face-to-face workshop will be held on Saturday 10 February 2018 at the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne.

Registrations are now open. For more information please contact


Media contacts:
PSA: Brad Watts 0487 922 176
ASA: Lucy Williams 0403 753 028

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