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New vision for Early Career Pharmacists launched at PSA17

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July 30, 2017

A new vision for the future for Early Career Pharmacists (ECPs) in Australia was launched today at the flagship conference PSA17 hosted by the peak national body for pharmacists, the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA).

Following national consultation among ECPs and pharmacy leaders, the landmark Early Career Pharmacist White Paper was officially launched at a dedicated ECP panel session.

The first of its kind in Australia, the White Paper makes recommendations for ensuring a practical and sustainable long-term plan for ECPs to have satisfying and rewarding careers while contributing to Australia’s healthcare system.

PSA ECP National Board Director Taren Gill said the White Paper provided a unique opportunity for ECPs, interns and students to be part of this vision for the future.

“It was a special moment when we launched this White Paper, especially as it’s been written by ECPs for ECPs,” Ms Gill said. “At the start of my ECP National Board Director appointment, I posed the question at PSA16 – what does success look like for an ECP? I’m delighted to say that since then, a robust and successful consultation with ECPs working in all sectors of pharmacy has occurred.”

The White Paper sets out 10 key recommendations for the pharmacy profession as a whole:

  1. Take decisive action to ensure a robust and sustainable community pharmacy sector.
  2. Negotiate to raise the Pharmacy Industry Award rates.
  3. Advocate for, and pursue alternative remuneration models for pharmacy services.
  4. Identify and propose new roles and models of practice for pharmacists – with supported pathways to enable progression in these areas.
  5. Work with researchers, policy makers and practitioners to ensure that evidence is translated to the delivery of evidence-based services by frontline pharmacists.
  6. Ensure productive collaboration between pharmacy organisations to shape the profession
    in a positive way.
  7. Engage with consumers and other health professionals through an awareness campaign which promotes the full extent of a pharmacist’s scope, skill and expertise.
  8. Recognise all practising pharmacists as clinical pharmacists, regardless of practice setting.
  9. Explore the development and recognition of specialties within pharmacy practice.
  10. Develop Quality Indicators for individual pharmacist practice.

PSA National President Shane Jackson said: “The ECP White Paper will provide an exciting, member-driven pathway forward with key recommendations for the profession to ensure ECPs all have a satisfying and bright future. PSA’s National Board has considered the White Paper and is already acting on a number of its recommendations. PSA’s ECP leaders should be applauded for their hard work on developing this historic paper.”


Media contact:
Andrew Daniels
Communications Manager
0487 922 175

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